Ballooning with Hot Air

Conditions of Travel and Use

All Passengers using the services of Hot Air do so under the following terms & conditions.

1.                       Operator:      means “Hot Air Pty Ltd” ABN 97 053836025.

  Air Operators Certificate Number N541038-06

2.                       Fare Prices:  Fare prices for travel up to and including 31 March 2006 are available from the Operator upon request. Prices change every year on 1 April for travel after this date.

3.                       Payment Methods - Websites Payment can be made by:

3.1.                Cash, AU$ Travellers Cheque, Visa, Bankcard or Mastercard.  Payment by way of AMEX card will attract a 4% surcharge for processing.  This surcharge is non-refundable in the event of a trip cancellation.

3.2.                Credit Card declined?:  If your credit card payment cannot be authorised by the Operator earlier than 7 days prior to travel, our system will automatically cancel your reservation.  The Operator will attempt to contact the Customer to obtain another form of payment, however if the Operator cannot contact the Customer the Customer’s booking will not be held.  The Customer will know that the Operator has got a correctly authorised the payment, and made a booking once the Customer receives their booking confirmation reference number and not before.

3.3                Travel Agents Voucher:  If your travel agent gives you a voucher, its acceptance by us as a means of paying for your service depends upon your agents' continuing good credit status with Hot Air. We reserve the right to ask you for full cash payment on the day of travel if we are unable to get satisfactory responses to our payment enquiries and credit checks of your travel agent

4.                       Cancellation Policy:

4.1.                Bookings 9 people or less:  cancellations made more than 72 hours before travel (earlier than 04:00am, 3 days before travel, as logged in the Operator’s system audit)) may be made without penalty and a full refund will be given to the Customer.  Cancellations made less than 72 hours before travel will attract a 100% cancellation fee and no refund at the Operator’s discretion.  The Operator has the right to retain all deposits received up to the amount of the cancellation fee and invoices will be issued for any further amounts outstanding

4.2.                Cancellation Policy – Bookings 10 people and more:  cancellations made more than 7 clear working days before travel (as logged in the Operator’s system audit) may be made without penalty and a full refund will be given to the Customer.  Cancellations made less than 7 clear working days before travel will attract a 100% cancellation fee.  The Operator has the right to retain all deposits received up to the amount of the cancellation fee and invoices will be issued for any further amounts outstanding.

4.3.                Weather Cancellations:  cancellations made by the Operator, due to inclement weather and this will entitle the Customer to a full refund of the Fare Price.  Please note that if the Customer made the booking for travel through a booking agent all refunds of deposits and booking fees are to be obtained directly from the booking agent. Such booking agent may at their discretion retain a booking fee less than or equal to 100% of the price

4.4.                Fail to Load - It is the Passenger’s responsibility to ensure that they arrive on time for the departure of the Balloon flight.  Failure to do so will mean that the Passenger forfeits the full fare price to the Operator.  

5.                       Quotes:  Quotes for special events, incentives, private charters and specific requirements and incentives will be valid for 7 days from the date issued. The Operator reserves the right to re-quote based on any changes to quote requirements. A deposit will be required with cancellation which may vary from the above, please ask.

6.                       Payment Processing & refunds:  Bookings for travel with the Operator may be made by telephone or on the website.  The Operator’s telephone reservations operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Once your booking is confirmed the Operator will issue the Customer with a booking confirmation reference number.  When making a booking over the telephone the booking confirmation reference number will be given to the Customer at the time of making the booking.  When making a booking on the website a booking confirmation reference number will issued once pre-payment has been authorised as above.

7.                       Safety Requirements for Travel:

7.1.                 General Mobility It is a Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and Company requirement that Passengers flying with the Operator must be able to climb INTO the basket unaided, so that in the event of an emergency Passengers are also able to climb out of the basket unaided.  The side of the basket is approx 1.2 metres high with two footholds for Passengers to use like a ladder when climbing into the basket.  The Operator’s staff will be in attendance to supervise Passengers climbing into the basket but are not able to actively assist Passengers into the basket.  The Pilot in command will make the final decision on whether a passenger is able to climb into the basket unaided and therefore travel on the balloon flight. In the event that the Pilot refuses to allow a passenger to board on this basis the passenger will be given a full refund through their booking agent.

7.2.                 Disabled Passengers:  The Operator recommends that disabled persons seek medical advice before participating in a balloon journey.  Civil Aviation Authority rules prohibit certain disabled persons from travelling for safety reasons.  As stated above the Passenger must be able to climb in and out of the basket unaided in order to participate in the balloon journey.   Disabled Passengers participating in the balloon flight do so at their own risk and the Operator accepts no liability for any damage or injury caused.   

7.3.                 Pregnant Persons:  The Operator recommends that pregnant persons seek advice from their Doctor before participating in a balloon journey. Pregnant persons participating in the balloon flight do so at their own risk and the Operator accepts no liability for any damage or injury caused.   

7.4.                 Diving:  Passengers diving the day or night before travel should check with a qualified divemaster as to the safety of the passenger in participating in the balloon flight.  The Operator does not fly above 4,500 feet altitude and most flights are around 2,500 feet altitude. Passengers diving the day or night before travel who participate in the balloon journey do so at their own risk and the Operator accepts no liability for any damage or injury caused.

8.                       Minimum Age Requirement:  Children must be aged FOUR and above to travel on the balloon flight in accordance with Civil Aviation Safety Authority rules.  Children less than four years of age may travel with their parents on the buses and parents have the option to fly on successive balloon flights.  Children must be aged 13 and above to participate in any rafting activities. Adult prices will apply from age 14 upwards.

9.                       Extra Levy:  A compulsory additional Levy applies to all passengers regardless of age and will be collected on the day of travel usually during breakfast. This levy may vary from time to time at the discretion of the Operator but will be confirmed at the time a booking is taken from the Customer. The current prevailing rate for this levy is AU$25 and is marked as additional on the C30 and C60 flights but is included in the Luxury and Charter packages .

10.                    Flight times & duration: may vary slightly at the pilot’s discretion. Passengers on the Scenic flight, C30 or Single flight will enjoy approximately 30 minutes of ballooning.  Passengers on the double flight, C60 or extended flight will enjoy approximately 60 minutes of ballooning (see below also) . All Packages advertised on this website include a 30 minute flight. By special request packages may be available with 60 minute flights at an additional charge. One Hour Flight - Products offering a one hour flight such as the C60, PD60 and LX60 will only be offered as two separate, concurrent 30 minute flights taken one directly after the other with a short changeover in the between the two flights. They are not offered as a continuous one hour flight time and no agent or staff member has the ability to waive this arrangement. It is an operational restriction,  and benefits mean that the customer will experience two landings and two takeoffs which are often the highlight of the experience. 

              Balloons travel with the wind,  and their speed and direction are governed by the elements, some flights may be longer than others but the minimum sector on offer is approx 30 minutes

11.                    Private Charter: Please note that private charter of balloons will be subject to the total of the passenger’s weight. Quotes are available from the Operator for specific group sizes. Please provide each passenger’s approximate body weight upon request for the quotation.

12.                    “Weather Guarantee”:  If a customer tries to fly with the Operator on a fully paid ticket and the passenger is unable to do so due to inclement weather the Operator will offer the customer its Weather Guarantee and a free flight another day subject to the following terms and conditions:

(a)                 Subject to space availability and reconfirmation.  The customer must call the Operator at 7pm the night prior to travel to confirm if there is still space available. If the customer fails to call the Operator by 7.30pm the Operator may cancel the customer’s booking without further reference to the customer.   At 7pm the Operator may advise that the customer is unable to travel or alternatively, if possible, the Operator will confirm the Customer’s booking for the following morning.

(b)                 Passengers or tour desks must nominate the “Weather Guarantee” option to the Operator before the second day of travel is rebooked (using the guarantee). Otherwise it will be assumed that the passenger wants a guaranteed seat and that the Weather Guarantee has not been used and payment will be made as usual.

(c)                 The “Weather Guarantee” applies from the same location pickup and drop off point as the initial cancelled flight.  For example, if the customer’s collection and drop off point changes from Cairns to Port Douglas  an additional transport surcharge will apply and will be payable  in advance.

(d)                 The free flight under the Weather Guarantee must be taken within 7 days of the date of the initial cancelled flight. 

(e)                 The free flight under the Weather Cancellation is non-transferable.

(f)                  The Weather Guarantee does not apply and is not available for package partner products, luxury products, private transfers/charters, wedding products or groups where more than 4 people are travelling together.

(g)                 Deposits made to booking agents are normally non-refundable when using the “Weather Guarantee”.  For more details please contact your booking agent as this is out of the Operators control..

13.                    Days of Operation:  The Operator operates daily, all year around excluding New Years Day and Christmas Day.

14.                    Minimum Numbers: Our normal ballooning tours (C30 and C60) depart daily and are not dependant on a minimum number of persons, a booking of just one is welcome. The Luxury and Charter Product costs are based on a minimum of two passengers. The maximum number of persons able to fly in the Private Balloon charter depends on the total body weight of the passengers, but is usually 3 persons.

15.                    Aviation Insurance:  in Australia is governed by the Civil Aviation (Carriers' Liability) Act 1964 (Qld).  The Operator’s Certificate of Compliance and Currency may be viewed HERE. Further details may be found at the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) website.

16.                    No Warranty: The Operator does not warrant the accuracy, completeness, suitability or reliability of any information, service or product listed on the Operator’s website.

17.                    Disclaimer:  

(a)        All passengers participate in the balloon journey at their own risk.  The Operator does not accepts any liability for any loss, claim, injury or any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damage which may arise out of or is in any way connected with the Passengers participation in the balloon journey.

(b)        Under no circumstances shall the Operator be liable for any loss, claim, or any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages (including but not limited to lost profits or lost savings) which arises out of or is in any way connected with the use of any information, any listing of any data on the Operator’s website or any delay or inability to use this web site whether based on tort, contract, strict liability or otherwise.

18.                    Jurisdiction:  The laws of Queensland apply in relation to these terms and conditions and the Operator’s business.

19.                    Third Party Websites:  This website may contain links to other websites maintained by third parties. The Operator is not responsible for and does not operate or control any information or services provided on such third party websites. The links are provided solely for convenience and do not constitute an endorsement by the Operator.

20.                    Condition Changes:  The Operator reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions contained herein at any time. Visitors to the site shall be responsible for reviewing such terms and conditions regularly.  

21.                    Copyright:  The compilation of the information contained herein is the copyrighted work of the Operator and may not be modified, copied, distributed, transmitted, displayed, reproduced, published, licensed, used to create derivative works from, transferred, or any information, services or products obtained from this website sold without the express written consent of the Operator and where necessary other information providers. The Operator consents to Travel Agents selling the Operator’s products to use the material in their promotion of Australia, Queensland, Cairns and the Operator directly by downloading from this website.

Product and company names mentioned herein may be the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners

22.                    Personal Items:  All personal items are carried at the risk of the Passenger.


Updated 18 September 2005